The Cambiata Institute of America

for Early Adolescent Vocal Music

Under the auspices of the College of Music at the University of North Texas in Denton, the Cambiata Institute is  dedicated to promulgating tenets of the Cambiata Concept, a comprehensive philosophy and methodology of teaching vocal music to early adolescents.  This site provides assistance to vocal music educators and church musicians who work with students in the upper elementary, mid-level, and secondary grades.  Choose from any of the helpful articles listed below.

A Case for Quality Music

 Approaches to Teaching Boys with Changing Voices

 Books That Assist Teachers of Adolescent Singers

The Challenge and Rewards of Choral Singing

 Classifying Early Adolescent Voices

The Demise of Respect

Different Ways Boys' Voices Change

 Discipline in the Choral Classroom

How to Choose Music Adolescents Can Sing

 I'm a Boy, How High Should I Sing?

Irvin Cooper, Originator of the Cambiata Concept

The Light Baritone

The Male Changing Voice In High School

 Middle-Level Uni-Gender Choirs

Motivating the Hesitant Singer

Music Should be Performed, but Not Performance Driven

The New Adolescent Bass

Only One Adolescent Baritone?

Preferred Practices in Teaching Boys Whose Voices Are Changing

Recruiting Boys to Sing in Choir

 Rote Teaching Melody-Part Style Music

Singing Cambiata Music with Older Adolescents and Adults

 Singing Two Parts with Mid-Level Male Students

Tenets of the Cambiata Concept

    Training the Uncertain Singer

 Understanding Adolescent Vocal Registers



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