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I'm Gonna Ride, please read this:
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A Word to the Singers:


I'm Gonna Ride is a novelty, nonsacred version of the old African-American Spiritual, Ride the Chariot.  Instead of a chariot, the singers get to choose the modern vehicle in which they would like to ride.  Following is a very comprehensive list of vehicles, motored and unmotored, which have been used in the world over the centuries.  Use your imagination and choose the one that intrigues you the most.  When you sing the arrangement place the name of the vehicle where the asterisks appear.  The rhythm at that point will vary according to the number of syllables in the name of the vehicle you choose.  Simply sing it the way you would say it.  You can also choose to sing  "my" or "the" when referring to your vehicle, and since people ride "on" some vehicles and "in" others, make the correct choice in that case for the vehicle you choose.


Types of Vehicles


Ambulance, amphibian, armoured car, articulated lorry, ATB (all-terrain bike), auto, autocycle, automatic, automobile, autorickshaw, bag trolley, banger (or old banger), barouche, barrow, beach buggy, bicycle rickshaw, bicycle-made-for-two, bike, Black Maria, bloodmobile, BMX (bicycle motocross), bob, bobsled, bobsleigh, bomb, bombardier, boneshaker, bookmobile, bowser, brake, breakdown van, britzka, brougham, bubble car, buckboard, buggy, bulldozer, bumper car, bus, cab, cabriolet, calash, camper, Cape cart, car transporter, car, cariole, carriage, carryall, cart, cat-train, caterpillar, chaise, chariot, chopper, clarence, coach, combination, Conestoga wagon, convertible, coster's barrow, coupé, covered wagon, crash wagon, crate, crawler tractor, curricle, cycle, delivery truck, digger, dogcart, dogsled, dolly, Dormobile, drag, dragster, dray, drophead coupé, droshky, duck, dumpcart, dune buggy, dustcart, electric car, equipage, estate car, estate, fairy cycle, family car, farm tractor, fiacre, fire engine, fixed-head coupé, float, fly, folding cycle, fork-lift truck, four-in-hand, garbage truck, gharry, gig, Gladstone, go-kart, golf cart, gritter, hackney, half-track, handbarrow, hansom, hardtop, hatchback, haywain, heap, hearse, herdic, hobby, hobbyhorse, hot rod, iron horse, jalopy, jam sandwich, jaunting car, Jeep, jigger , juggernaut, jumper, kart, Land Rover, landau, limo, limousine, lorry, loudspeaker van, low-loader, luge, luggage trolley, mammy wagon, milk float, mini, minibike, mobile library, mobile home, monocycle, moped, motor vehicle, motor, motor caravan, motorbicycle, motorbike and sidecar, motorcar, motorized sled, motorscooter, mountain bike, moving van, one-horse carriage, oxcart, paddy wagon, panda car, patrol car, penny-farthing, phaeton, police van, post chaise, postbus, prairie schooner, private car, prowl car, PSV (public service vehicle), pung, push car, push-bike, pushcart, put put, quadricycle, racing bicycle, racing car, rally car, randem, ratha, rattletrap, refrigerator van, removal van, rickshaw, rig, roadroller, roadster, rockaway, rocket car, runabout, RV (recreational vehicle), safety bicycle, saloon, scoot, scooter, scout car, sedan, semitrailer, shooting brake, shooting brake, shopping trolley, sit-up-and-beg, skateboard, skates, fastback, Skimobile, sledge, sleigh, Sno-Cat, snowboard, snowmobile, snowplough, spider phaeton, sports car, sports car, squad car, stagecoach, station wagon, steamroller, stock car, streetcar, stretch limo, sulky, superbike, surrey, SUV (sport utility vehicle), swamp buggy, tandem, tarantass, taxi, tea trolley, tilbury, tin lizzie, toboggan, tourer, tourer, tracklayer, tractor, trailbike, trailer, tram, transporter, trap, trick cycle, tricycle, trike, trishaw, trishaw, troika, trolley, trolleybus, truck, tumbrel, victoria, unicycle, unmarked car, van, velocipede, vis-à-vis, voiturette, wagon, wagonette, wain, weasel, wheel, wheelbarrow, wheels, and whim*


*Source of vehicle list:



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