America, the Beautiful

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Variable Voicing Setting

This quick-learn three-part (CCB) work is arranged specifically for all-male groups.  

Patriotic music always adds an important dimension to every concert.


Click to access Three-Part Variable Style. which describes how the piece may be sung by different age groups


Words by Katharine Lee Bates

Music by Samuel A. Ward

Arranged by Bob Siltman

Three-part Variable Voicing with Piano

CP Catalog #P980147





Mixing Melody Setting

America, the Beautiful is written in Four-Part Mixing Melody Style.  It has four written parts, but each of the parts may be sung as a unison piece or you may combine any two, three, or four-parts, depending on the current voicing of your choir. 

Each melody is very fluid so the piece has a nice legato effect.  It has limited ranges which make it apropriate for early adolescent singers, but it is also accessible for older adolescents or adults, particularly if the choir has an over abundance of women and just a few men. 

You will access the choral score when you click the title above.  If you are interested in performing fewer parts, click here to view and hear all four parts separately or combined in various ways.


Click to access Four-Part Mixing Melody Style which describes the features in more detail of  this unique melody-oriented choral series.

Words by Katharine Lee Bates

Music by Samuel A. Ward

Arranged by Don L. Collins

Four-Part Mixing Melody Style with Piano

Catalog Numbers:

Part 1:  M110109p1

Part II:   M110109p2

Part III:  M110109p3

Part IV:   M110109p4

Choral Score:   M110109cs


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