Ave Verum

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This well known masterwork by W. A. Mozart (1756-1791) has been adapted for choirs with changing voices.  An attempt has been made to maintain the authenticity of the work with only slight edits to conform to the range and tessitura limitations of early adolescent singers. The work requires legato singing, pure vowels, and appropriate blend and balance. The sustaining qualities of the pipe organ is most appropriate, but piano would also be acceptable. It is rated a medium level work for early adolescent choirs who sing in four-parts.


Mozart wrote the work for his friend Anton Stoll, a church musician in the Baden Parish outside of Vienna. It was composed to celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi, dated June 17, 1791.  The 14th century hymn-text, Ave verum corpus, is attributed to Pope Innocent VI. Chruch choirs will find that this arrangment works beautifully for SSAB adult voices.


Music by W. A. Mozart, 1756-1791

Words by Pope Innocent VI

Arranged by J. B. Lyle

Four-part Variable Voicing with Organ

Cambiata Press catalog #M17552


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