Away in a Manger

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This work is among the most popular carols sung in English.  The lyics, once attributed to Martin Luther (later proven to be untrue), are set to two different tunes, this one, composed by James Murray is thought to have been set to music in 1885 or 1887. The other melody was composed by William Kirkpatrick in 1895.


Donna Hardin has set the Murray tune in three parts for groups with changing voices, principally (Treb/S, A/C, B).  Part I (boy trebles or sopranos) and Part II (altos or cambiatas) create a dotted half note accompaniment the on the neutral syllable, loo. The piano accompaniment adds to the beautiful legato line.



Text:  Anonymous, based on Luke 2:7

Music: James R. Murray, 1887

Arranger:y Donna Hardin

Voicing: Three-part Variable with Piano

CP Catalog #SC1201201


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