My Grandfather's Clock

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This is one of the great novelty pieces of the late 1800s. There was an English hotel owned and operated by two brothers whose last name was Jenkins. The lobby housed an upright "grandfather's clock." The clock kept perfect time for many years until one of the brothers died. After his death it lost time at a diminishing rate although local clockmakers attempted over and over to repair it. Then the other brother died. At that point the clock stopped, "never to go again" (as it is phrased in the song). The story goes that in 1875, Henry Clay Work visited the hotel and based his song on the stories he heard about the clock. Andy Gaus has done a terrific job of setting this well known piece for mid-level singers with special consideration given to their changing voices.


Access the two-part and three-part variable voicing charts to ascertain the different voicings available for choral groups.


Words and Music:  Henry Clay Work

Two- and Three-part Variable Voicing with Piano

Arranged by Andy Gaus

Two- and/or Three-part CP Catalog #U907211


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