Come Thou Almighty King

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Come Thou Almighty King is a hymn-tune arranged for groups with changing voices; however, it is appropriate for groups of all ages. There are two parts, one for male and female trebles and one (written in the bass clef) for the changing and changed male voices,  The part written in the bass clef is limited in range and tessitura so that both cambiatas and adolescent baritones may sing it together.  There are optional notes when the part may be a bit high for the adolescent baritones or a bit low for the cambiatas..  The accompaniment is accessible to a student accompanist. 


Click to access Two-Part Variable Voicing which describe how this voicing may be sung by various age groups.


Music is the Italian Hymn written by Felice de Giardini, 1769

The text is anonymous

Arranged by John Yarrington

Two-part Variable Voicing with Piano

CP Catalog #U485195

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