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Salty Dog

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The text and voicing of Salty Dog  is particularly suited for all-boys groups.  A "salty dog" is the seaman's "slanguage" for a "crusty ole sailor."  In the two-part voicing, Part I is written to fit Boy Treble and/or Cambiata I (A-a, above and below middle C). Part II is written to fit the early adolescent Baritone (D-d, above and below middle C).   In the three-part voicing, Part I is for Cambiata I; Part II for Cambiata II;  and Part III for early adolescent Baritone.  


Again, all-boys choirs are not the only voicings for which  this sork is suitable.  Check the two-part or the  three-part  variable voicing charts to see the other possible voicings..


American Sea Shanty

Arranged by Bob Siltman

Piano Score by Gene Currie

Two-part Variable Voicing with Piano (CP Catalog #T100304)

Three-part Variable Voicing with Piano (CP Catalog #U986103)


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