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The Fairies

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Two- part     Three Part

The voice parts of this imaginative arrangement are very melodic, so it will be easy for the singers to feel secure on their parts supported by piano accompaniment. 


The other dimension of this piece is the contrast Andrew Rousseau achieves between the stanzas, written by the 19th century Irish poet, William Allingham.  It begins and ends with a very up-beat chorus, but two of the stanzas are marked Mysteriously and Freely, giving the conductor the freedom for creative interpretation. 


The text to this original composition paints a vivid picture of the “wee folk” who are often blamed for unexplainable things in nature, such as the mysterious northern lights or how thorns get into one’s bed at night. Also, the legend implies that time in the fairy realm moves at a very different pace than in the mortal world.


Fantastical maters can often intrigue the imagination of the early adolescent singer. Consider the success of The Lord of the Rings and Harry Porter


You may find that the two-part and three-part variable voicing charts offers a vareity of voicing options.


Words by William Allingham

Music by Andrew Rousseau

Arranged by Andrew Rousseau

Two-Part Variable Voicing with Piano (CP Catalog #C905209)

Three-Part Variable Voicing with Piano (CP Catalog #C905208)


This work is available in E-Print.


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