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The Spacious Firmament on High

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Tallis Canon is one of the most beloved canonic melodies in all Christendom. Here it is set with the beautiful and descriptive poetic text, The Spacious Firmament on High. 


Once the melody is learned, the singers know the piece.  Each stanza features a different section of the choir and then the sections are combined in various ways.  It ends with a simple "Amen."  When the melody is sung in the key of E-flat as it is in the arrangement, it falls in the exact fit to for male or female trebles and cambiatas.  If adolescent baritones are present, they may join at the 8va below. 


You may want to access the TWO-PART AND THREE-PART variable voicing chart to determine available options.


Words by Joseph Addison (1712)

Music by Thomas Tallis (1567)

Arranged by Irvin Cooper

Two- or Three-part Variable Voicing with Piano

Cambiata Press Catalog #I979132

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