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This traditional pentatonic melody has been altered to a standard diatonic scale by adding the 7th scale degree (melodic solfege ti / melodic number 7).   However, Cox uses the typical canonic arranging technique. to easily connect this tune in its original pentatonic state. 

Five stanzas are set to the hymn-tune and text; first as a single unaccompanied tune, then as a two-part canon followed by a three-part canon.  Each setting is one-half step higher than the one that proceeds it.  It closes with a meditative "Amen."  Although intended to be sung acappella, Cox has provided a "for rehearsal only" accompaniment which will come in handy until the singers learn to adjust to the key changes with each stanza.


Access the three-part variable voicing chart to see the  available voicing options.


Words are "K" from Rippon's Selection of Hymns, 1787

The music is an Early American Melody

Three-part Variable Voicing with Piano

Arranged by Ronald B. Cox

CP Catalog #U485193


This work is available in E-Print.


Order hard copies from your favorite music distributor, J.W.Pepper Inc., or directly from Cambiata Press.


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