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This work is occasionally referenced as a "Baptismal Shout," because the chorus describes being immersed in the sea. 

Easy to learn, each verse features a section solo, while the remaining parts interject an exuberant unison "Hallelujah" to accompany the section solos.


The four-part variable voicing chart suggests a variety of voicing options for different age groups.


Spiritual (Baptismal Shout)

Arranged by Don L. Collins

Four-part Variable Voicing with Piano

Cambiata Press Catalog #S485192

This work is available in E-Print.

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When you click the title of Hallelujah below you will access an engraved copy of the piece.  You may need to download a little "Scorch" plug-in to view and hear it.  Just respond to the requests on the webpage when it appears. This plug-in gives you access to all the scores on the Cambiata Press website.  After the music appears on your screen, there are TWO WAYS to view and hear it:


1.  Click the "play" icon and you will hear the piece played electronically, and as it plays, the cursor will lead your vision through the piece.  Read the text as you listen to the music.


2.  Click the "Hear Choir Audio" link (upper right hand corner) to hear a choral ensemble sing the piece.  Use the Sibelius "page" icon to move the pages of the engraved copy manually as you listen.  Do not click the "play" icon while the ensemble is singing or you will hear both renditions simultaneously.


Sung by the

UCA Chamber Chorale

Don L. Collins, Director




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