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Hallelujah from Messiah

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This arrangement offers the early adolescent singer a setting of a significant masterwork.. The arrangement was designed for a choir comprised of the entire student body in grades 7-9 at the Blessed Sacrament School in Tallahassee, Florida and taught Dr. Irvin Cooper, originator of the Cambiata Concept.  The group was a laboratory choir for Dr. Cooper to demonstrate the tenets of the concept for students at Florida State University.


Stan Richison applied the tenets of the Cambiata Concept by modifying the ranges and changing the key of the work.  The octave leaps are removed to assist young singers whose voices are changing so they are able to execute the intervals with ease.  The challenging contrapuntal section (measures 22-32) may be included or omitted at the desire of the director depending upon the capabilities of the singers.


Access the four-part variable voicing chart to view possible uses of the work with different age groups.  It is particularly useful as a SSAM (M=men) arrangement with groups (high school, college, and adult ages) who have a majority of women and few men. 


Music by G. F. Handel

Adapted and arranged by Stan Richison

Four-part Variable Voicing with Piano or Organ

Cambiata Press catalog #M97317


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