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There is a Lady


The text and voicing of There is a Lady is particularly suited for all-boys groups (CB).  Part I (written in the treble clef) is limited to the comfortable singing area of  A-a (above and below middle C) which makes it appropriate for boy trebles and/or cambiatas I.   Part two is written in the bass clef and is limited to the comfortable singing area of the CII/B of D-d (above and below middle C).   When the part drops below the E below middle C, optional notes have been added for the CII.


The piece may be used with mixed groups as well.  The girls, boy trebles, and cambiata on Part I and CII/B Part II.




Words by William Shakespeare

Music by Don L. Collins

Arranged by DLC

Two-part Variable Voicing with Piano

CP Catalog #T90201

This work is available in E-Print.

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It is illegal to purchase a single oactavo, then photocopy it.

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