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The Liberty Tree


According to The Liberty Tree Foundation: : .

". . .the first famous Liberty Tree stood on the Boston Common, an American elm with a political history.  Boston radicals rallied beneath the tree’s canopy, speaking against imperial authorities and calling for home rule in the colonies.  In the first months of the Revolutionary War, imperial English troops occupied Boston, and cut the elm to the ground. Yet the Liberty Tree lived on. In hundreds of towns and every colony, the revolutionaries consecrated new Liberty Trees and Liberty Poles, and flew their likenesses on their flags. Thomas Paine wrote of The Liberty Tree in poetry and prose, and soon the tree became an international symbol."


This three-part musical setting of Paine's work has a folk-like quality enhanced with an accompaniment comprised of an optional accoustic guitar and tambourine. Piano accompaniment also available.


Click to access Three-part Variable Voicing to discover how the different voicings  may be sung by various age groups.


Words by Thomas Paine

Music by Don L. Collins

Arranged by DLC

Three-part Variable Voicing with Piano and optional Folk Guitar and Tambourine

(CP Catalog #P47436)


This work is available in E-Print.

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