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Limba, Limba Sally

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If you are looking for a fun multi-cultural piece, you've found it. Victor Bobetsky has arranged this piece for a quick learning experience with several unison and two-part passages.  This Guyanese folk song has a bright, rhythmic tempo with mild syncopation.


This lively folksong from Guyana is associated with a children's game involving creative movement.  Dr. Victor Bobetsky, the arranger for Limba, Limba Sally, shared what he learned from Gillian Richards-Greaves, one of his students, who grew up in Guyana: 


Children playing this song/game create their own verses and dance movements that describe their unique personality or physical characteristics.  For example, a tall child might sing, "No matter you see me tall, so" while describing his/her tallness through dance movements.  Another child might sing, "No matter you see me proud, so" while describing his/her feelings through dance movements.  In this arrangement of the song, the adjectives, "tall" and "short" are used.


When performed by early adolescent all-male groups, Parts I & II may be sung by Boy Trebles, and Part III by the Cambiatas


When sung by older adolescent all-male groups, Part I is sung by the changed-voice Tenors or Adolescent Baritones (8va lower), Part II by Adolescent Baritones or Basses (8va lower), and Part III by Boy Trebles and/or Cambiatas (actual pitch).


Guyanese Folksong

Arranged by Victor V. Bobetsky

Three-part Variable Voicing with Piano

Cambiata Press catalog #U90401


When you click this three-part setting of Limba, Limba Sally you will be able to access an engraved copy of the piece.  When the new page appears, if you haven't already downloaded the scorch plug-in, you will be asked to do so. This plug-in gives you access to all the scores on the Cambiata Press website.  After the music appears on your screen, there are TWO WAYS to view and hear it:

1.  Click the "play" icon and you will hear the piece played electronically, and as it plays, the cursor will lead your vision through the piece.  Read the text as you listen to the music.


2.  Click the "Hear Choir Audio" link (upper right hand corner) to hear a choral ensemble sing the piece.  Use the Sibelius "page" icon to move the pages of the engraved copy manually as you listen.  Do not click the "play" icon while the ensemble is singing or you will hear both renditions simultaneously.

Recorded by The Northport Middle School Choraliers (6-8 grades), Northport Middle School, Northport, New York. -- Remy D'Esposito, Choral Director, with Donna Gorelick, Co-Director and Pianist


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