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Poor Lonesome Cowboy


The folklore about America's expansion westward is extensive and interesting.  Frequently, that information gets passed from one generation to the next through American folk-songs like this one.  The need to protect and promulgate American's heritage through music is one of the myriad responsibilities of today's music educators.  It is particularly important during a time inundated by media music and technology. 


This traditional early-American folk song is best performed by all-male groups; however, it may be sung by mixed groups as well.  Although young men may not be as enamored with wild west cowboys as they were in the past, this song provides an opportunity to share and consider a bit of America's history.


Access the Four-part Variable Voicing Chart to ascertain the different voicings that are available to various age groups.


Music: American Folk Song

Arranged by Lee Giles

Four-part Variable Voicing Acappella

Cambiata Press catalog #U97446


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When you click Poor Lonesome Cowboy you will be able to access an engraved copy of the piece.  You may need to download a little "Scorch" plug-in to view and hear it.  Just respond to the requests on the webpage when it appears. This plug-in gives you access to all the scores on the Cambiata Press website.  After the music appears on your screen, there are TWO WAYS to view and hear it:

1.  Click the "play" icon and you will hear the piece played electronically, and as it plays, the cursor will lead your vision through the piece.  Read the text as you listen to the music.


 2.  Click the "Hear Choir Audio" link (upper right hand corner) to hear a choral ensemble sing the piece.  Use the Sibelius "page" icon to move the pages of the engraved copy manually as you listen.  Do not click the "play" icon while the ensemble is singing or you will hear both renditions simultaneously.

The arrangement is performed

by the Cambiata Singers

of the Arkansas Boys Choir

Don L. Collins, Conductor




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