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Psalm 103

Two Parts     Three Parts


Hear the Choir of Voices Singing

Two Parts     Three Parts

These two pieces have the same music but different texts.  Easy to learn, the primary melody, is beautiful Russian air, is in Part II with a nice upper descant in Part I.  Part III is written in the bass clef

Suggested voicing: S/Treb, A/CI, CII/B. 

Check the two-part variable voicing chart or the three-part variable voicing chart to see the choice of voicings with which they may be sung.


Text: Psalm 103 & Hear the Choir of Voices Singing, Russian Air

Arranger: Clarice Knight

Voicing: Two- or Three-part Variable Voicing with Piano

CP Catalog #T180137 (Psalm 103)

CP Catalog #TT20207  (Hear the Choir of Voices Singing)




When you click the voicing of these songs you will be able to access an engraved copy of the piece.  When the new page appears, if you haven't already downloaded the scorch plug-in, you will be asked to do so. This plug-in gives you access to all the scores on the Cambiata Press website.  After the music appears on your screen, there are TWO WAYS to view and hear it:

1.  Click the "play" icon and you will hear the piece played electronically, and as it plays, the cursor will lead your vision through the piece.


2.  Click the "Hear Choir Audio" link (upper right hand corner) to hear a choral ensemble sing the piece.  Use the Sibelius "page" icon to move the pages of the engraved copy manually as you listen.  Do not click the "play" icon while the ensemble is singing or you will hear both renditions simultaneously.

In the choral rendition stanza one is two-part and stanza two is three-part.  Only the Psalm 103 text is used.  Sung by the UCA Cambiata Chamber Chorale, Don L. Collins, Director


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