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I Got Shoes


William E. Melton arranged the popular Cambiata Press publications Ride the Chariot and I Got Shoes. Typical arranging techniques of this and similar works of this genre include: (1) solos or section solos accompanied by the choir; (2) call and response by soloist and choir; (3) several repeats of the “chorus”; and (4) an exuberant ending.  Written in four-part variable voicing it calls for a SACB choior or a SSAB choir of older adolescents or adults who sing in choirs with significantly more women than men.


The four-part variable voicing charts suggests how to voice the piece with different age groups.


Traditional Spiritual

Arranger: William E. Melton, Jr.

Voicing: Four--part variable, Acappella

Cambiata Press Catalog #S980156

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