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Go Tell It on the Mountain


Ezekiel Saw the Wheel


O, Mary Don't You Weep


Spiritual Trilogy


Directors may choose to perform these spirituals as stand-alone works or as a set.  Siltman provides a musical ending for each individual work, as well as modulatory sections bween the spirituals when selected as a trilogy.

If you want to view and hear the music as it is engraved on the print copy, please see the Spiritual Trilogy as Engraved (in this online copy, there is only one system per page.  The print copy will have two or more systems to the page as one finds with almost all printed choral music.

These pieces were written with early-adolescent all-boys choruses in mind, but the three-part variable voicing charts indicates how to use the piece with different age groups and voicings.


Music and Text: African-American Spirituals

Arranger: Bob Siltman

Voicing: Three-part Variable with Piano

Cambiata Press Catalog numbers:

   Go Tell It on the Mountain  S210216

   Ezekiel Saw the Wheel S210217
   O, Mary Don't You Weep S210218
   Spiritual Trilogy (all three) S980148


This work is available in E-Print.

Please remember the copyright law.

It is illegal to purchase a single oactavo, then photocopy it.

Order hard-copy scores from your favorite music distributor, J.S.Pepper, Inc. or directly from Cambatia Press.





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