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He's Got the Whole World

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This is a fun-to-sing arrangement of a well-known American spiritual.  The first stanza features a soprano descant above the traditional melody.  Stanza two is built on staggered entrances, and the final stanza places the melody in Part II, accompanying it with countermelodies above and below.

Access the two-part variable voicing chart and the three-part variable voicing chart to see the other options that are available. 

He's Got the Whole World is also available in mixing melody style:  Two-part (SA & SC), Three-part (SSC, SCB) Four-part (SSCB) and others

It is published in the three-part version only, which may be sung as a two-part setting, with Part III optional.


American Spiritual

Arranger: Gwyneth Cooper

Voicing: Two-part Variable with Piano

Cambiata Press Catalog #S117695

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