THREE PARTS:       PART I               PART II             PART III


WHEN SUNG BY             *Girls, and/or          Cambiata           Adolescent
EARLY ADOLESCENT      Boy Trebles          and/or Alto             Baritone

MIXED CHOIRS:               


WHEN SUNG BY                 Soprano                   Alto                   Men

MIXED CHOIRS:                                          


WHEN SUNG BY               Boy Trebles          Cambiata II       Adolescent

EARLY ADOLESCENT        and /or                                      Baritone and

ALL-MALE CHOIRS        Cambiata I                                  Changed Voices                                                                                                                       


WHEN SUNG BY             Changed voice         Cambiata           Baritone

OLDER ADOLESCENT      Baritone                 and/or             and/or

ALL-MALE                       and/or Bass           Boy Trebles          Bass
CHOIRS:                           (8va lower)               (actual pitch)
*These arrangements are especially recommended for adolescent all-male groups,

 but one may consider them when seeking music for  mixed groups, depending upon

the piece.  The comfortable singing tessitura for some of these type three-part pieces

may be too low for some adolescent females.  It is advisable to check the ranges

of the treble parts before purchasing this arrangement for a mixed group.

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