FOUR PARTS:            PART I              PART II          PART III           PART IV



WHEN SUNG BY                   Soprano I          Soprano II      Cambiata        *Cam II with
EARLY ADOLESCENTS:         or Boy            Treb II, Alto          I or *II             Baritone

                                            Trebles I     


WHEN SUNG BY                   Soprano I          Soprano II        Cambiata          *Tenor and/or
OLDER ADOLESCENTS:                                or Alto I            or Alto II           Baritone


WHEN SUNG BY ADULT       Soprano I         Soprano II            Alto               *Tenor and/or
CHOIRS WITH FEW MEN:                                                                               Bass


WHEN SUNG SATB:              Soprano I         Soprano II         Alto and/or           Bass

                                                                     and/or Alto       Tenor



WHEN SUNG BY EARLY      Boy Treble I      Boy Treb II    Cambiatas             Baritone with
AOLESCENT ALL-MALE                            or Boy Alto     I and/or *II             *Camb II 



*WHEN SUNG BY OLDER     Changed voice       Bass           Cambiatas                Adolescent 

ADOLESCENT ALL-MALE    Tenors or          (8va down)         and/or Boy           Baritones

GROUPS:                               Baritones                                     Altos

                                               (8va down)                             (at actual pitch)


*May not apply to all arrangements. Check the range on each arrangement or composition for compatibility

for older all-male groups.

+Part IV is present in the music, but it is optional.  The arrangement is designed to be sung

with just the upper three parts, if desired.


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