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Click the title of the pieces that are underlined to view and hear them online. To receive complimentary copies of the pieces not online, please sign the guestbook and write the names of any specific titles you might like to see in the comment box when you sign.  Part III is written in the bass clef in these pieces, so they may be sung SATB or SSCB.  The range of Part III is limited so it is suitable for changed-voice tenors or cambiatas.


SATB or SSCB Sacred


Behold the Lamb of God   Handel/Beal  M17427

Come Unto Me   Beryl Vick  C97559

Hosanna  Gregor/Lyle  M979135

Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee  Beethoven/Ehret  NEA 145

Little Chilun Spiritual/Beal S17315

Long Years Ago Over Bethlehem's Hills Vick C97684

Mark Well, My Heart  Luther/Vick C117209

One Small Boy Middlemas C485188

Sing to the Lord of Love  Joseph Roff  L117568 

Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs  Handel/Beal  M97201

Taken from Your Table, Lord   Don L. Collins  NMA-218

True Gift of Christmas, The  Gilbreath/Brown  L97683

Wade in the Water  Spiritual/Lyle S117570

What Do All of These Things Mean?  Kirby TT90102



SATB or SSCB Secular (non-sacred)


Can There Be No Greater Song?  Collins/Kirby  TT90101  

Passing By  Middlemas  A180142

Pirate Don Durke of Dowdee, The  Peninger C17674

Sail On, O Ship of State Roff P978112

Sea Fever Van Camp C979127

She Walks In Beauty    Brahms/Hokanson  M117447

True Gift of Christmas, The  Gilbreath/Brown  L97683

When It's Love Kirk A981159 


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