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The adolescent baritone part is written but may be omitted if desired.  Those marked with asterisk (*) may be sung as SSA(B) or SSAB.  For those marked with a plus sign, please purchase Part I for Soprano I, Part II for Soprano II or Alto, Part III for Cambiatas, Part IV for Baritones (if desired), and one copy of the choral score for the director.  Read about the Features of this Unique Series for more details.


+America, the Beautiful  Ward/Collins  MM110109cs

+America, the Beautiful  Ward/Collins  MM110109cs  (without baritone)

Aren't You Glad That It's Christmas? Hoover/Collins  A1206208

Begin Today Tanzer A982164

+Christmas Is a Time for Joy  Kirk/Collins  MM110002s

+Christmas Is a Time for Joy  Kirk/Collins  MM110002s  (without baritone)

Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies  Collins  ARS980152

+Deck the Halls  Welch/Spencer/Collins  MM100108s

+Deck the Halls  Welch/Spencer/Collins  MM100108s  (without baritone)

+Deep River  Spiritual/Collins  MM110611cs

+Deep River  Spiritual/Collins  MM110611cs (without baritone)

+Early One Morning  English/Collins/Cooper  MM110007s

+Early One Morning  English/Collins/Cooper  MM110007s  (without baritone)

For the Freedom of Man North P978111

Foster Mania Foster/Ashton U485184 

*Fum, Fum, Fum Spanish/Springfield U117211

+Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death  Collins  MM110001s

+Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death  Collins  MM110001s  (without baritone)

Hallelujah, Amen Handel/Taylor M17312

*He's Got the Whole World  Spiritual/Collins/Cooper  MM110005s

 +He's Got the Whole World  Spiritual/Collins/Cooper  MM110005s  (without baritone)

 I'm Gonna Ride  (Secular Text) Spiritual/Melton TT90104

I'm Gonna Ride  (Secular Text) Spiritual/Melton TT90104   (without baritone)

 +Jingle Bells  Trad/Collins  MP20201cs

+Jingle Bells  Trad/Collins  MP20201cs  (without baritone) 

Keeper, The  English/Rousseau  MM110210sc

+Keeper, The  English/Rousseau  MM110210sc  (without baritone)

*May the Road Rise to Meet You Irish/Kirby C982165

One Small Boy Middlemas C485188

 O Savior, Hear Me  Gluck/Taylor  M17672

*O Sinner Man  Spiritual/Suerte S17430

Praise the Lord All Ye Nations   Kirk    C117694

+Praise To the Lord  Gesanbuch/Collins/Cooper  MM110004s

+Praise To the Lord  Gesanbuch/Collins/Cooper  MM110004s  (without baritone)

Ride the Chariot Spiritual/Melton TT90103

Ride the Chariot Spiritual/Melton TT90103 (without baritone)

Saints Bound for Heaven Spiritual/Suerte S97560

Saints Bound for Heaven Spiritual/Suerte S97560 (without baritone)

Share Your Love   Williams   L117693

+Silent Night  Gruber/Collins  MM110612cs

+Silent Night  Gruber/Collins  MM110612cs (without baritone)

 Sing Men and Sing Angels  German/Taylor  U177101

Sing of Love and Peace, Alleluia Jacobe C180141

*Sing to God's Name for God Is Gracious   Butler  C17429-B

*Sing to His  Name for He Is Gracious   Butler  C17429

Song of the Crow  Chinese/Bobetsky  U905206

Teacher, Help Me  Spencer  ARS980154

+Teacher, Help Me  Spencer/Collins  MM110003s

+Teacher, Help Me Spencer MM110003s  (without baritone)

*To Friendship! Collins L17313

*Twenty-Third Psalm, The Trad/Taylor U17556
+Who Is Sylvia?  Schubert/Collins  MM110006cs

+Who Is Sylvia?  Schubert/Collins  MM110006cs  (without baritone)


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