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Click the title of the pieces that are underlined to view and hear them online. To receive complimentary copies of the pieces not online, please sign the guestbook and write the names of any specific titles you might like to see in the comment box when you sign. May be sung SSCB, SACB, SSAM, or SSAT.


Adolescence Collins L97558

Adoramus Te, Christe (from The Seven Last Words) Dubois/Richison M17797

Adoramus Te, Christe Farrell M485187

Agnus Dei  Gabrieli/McCray M97682

All From the Same Clay  Pool  C117569

An Allegiance to Liberty  Collins   P47435

 An Awareness of You  Collins L17428

Aren't You Glad That It's Christmas? Hoover/Collins  A1206208

Ave Verum Mozart/Lyle M17552

Battle of Jericho Spiritual/Knight S97440

Blessed is the Man  Butler C97203

Bingo   German/Lyle  U17676

Carol of the Bells  Leontovich/Knight  U983176 

Cast Thy Burden Upon the Lord (from Elijah) Mendelssohn/Farrell M980143

Colorado Trail, The American/Lyle U17316

Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies  Collins  ARS980152

Come Unto Me  Vick  C97559

English Street Cry English/Kicklighter U978110

Foster Mania Foster/Ashton U485184

Fum, Fum, Fum Spanish/Springfield U117211

Gloria in Excelsis Deo  (from the 12th Mass) Mozart/Collins  974372

Gloria (from Mass in No. 2 in G)  Schubert/Collins M100203

Gloria (from Gloria MassVivaldi/Collins  M117207

Go Down, Moses  Spiritual/Kerr  S991199

Good News   Spiritual/Davis   S980144

Go Tell It On the Mountain  Christmas Spiritual/Springfield  S117325

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Collins  P47434

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Lovelace C117324

Hallelujah (from Messiah) Handel/Richison M97317

Hallelujah Baptismal Shout/Collins   S485192

Here Comes the Bride  Wagner/Collins  M503205

He Watching  Over Israel (from Elijah)  Mendelssohn/Collins M97557

Hold On Spiritual/Knight S177100

 I Got Shoes Spiritual/Melton S980156

I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say English/Collins L17798

I Love the Lord, God's Strength is Mine  Peninger  C17314

I'm Gonna Ride Spiritual/Melton TT90104

Integer Vitae (Father Almighty) Flemming/Johnstone M97562

Introit and Kyrie (Requiem, Op. 48) Fauré/Kicklighter  M117692

Jesus, Priceless Treasure Cruger-Bach/Collins M982170

Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee  Beethoven/Ehret  NEA 145-B

Joy Fills the Morning Lotte/Farrell M983177

Let Us Sing of the Lord's Wondrous Story  Mascagni/Collins
Life is Living Up Love  Collins  L97202

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness  Collins  P47432

Life of the Gypsy Verdi/Collins  M503206

*Little Chilun Spiritual/Beal S17315

Long Years Ago O'er Bethlehem's Hills  Vick C97684

Lord, You Have Been Our Dwelling Place  Snyder  C978108

Mark Well, My Heart   Luther/Vick   U117209

Mary Had a Baby  Spiritual/Peninger   S117210

*May the Road Rise to Meet You Irish/Kirby C982165

My Lord, What A Morning Spiritual/Knight S485185

New Day  McCray  A978130

Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen Spiritual/Collins S97320

Now Let the Heavens Adore Thee Bach/Collins D978122

On Independence  Collins P47433

Pirate Don Durk of Dowdee, The Peninger U17674 

Plenty Good Room Spiritual/Melton S983179

Praise the Lord All Ye Nations   Kirk    C117694 

Praise Thee, Lord  Collins TT90105

Praise to Music Kirk C991201

Ride the Chariot Spiritual/Melton S117450

Saints Bound for Heaven Spiritual/Suerte S97560

Share Your Love   Williams   L117693

She Walks In Beauty    Brahms/Hokanson  M117447

Sing a Song to the Lord  Kirk   C978107

Sing Men and Sing Angels  German/Taylor  U177101

Sing to God's Name for God Is Gracious   Butler  C17429-B

Sing to His  Name for He Is Gracious   Butler  C17429

Song of the Crow  Chinese/Bobetsky  U905207  

Star-Spangled Banner, (The)  Smith/Collins P11011202

Taken from Your Table, Lord  Don L. Collins  NMA-218

Tallulah Collins TT90106

Teacher, Help Me Spencer ARS980154

Thou by Whom We Come to God, O Peninger C17554

Three Easter Songs  arr/Collins  U485191

To Friendship! Collins L17313

We Sing With Grace In Our Hearts Collins C117449

When It's Love Kirk A981159

Where'er You Walk  Cram/Rich  C710216



Written for all-male groups to be sung TCBB (T= treble) or CCBB

May also be sung by mixed groups as  SABB. SCBB. SATB (T= tenor)

(Each piece should be evaluated as suitable for mixed groups before purchase)


Ave Maria   Arcadelt/Johnstone   M97442

Blessed is the Man  Butler/Rich  C97564

 Brother, Show Us the Way  Beal  C97444

Can There Be No Greater Song?  Collins/Kirby  TT90101

Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel? Spiritual/Springfield S97445

Integer Vitae (Almighty Father)  Flemming/Johnstone  M97562

Poor Lonesome Cowboy  American/Giles   U97446

Sing to the Lord of Love  Joseph Roff  L117568 

Together We'll Make the Journey Beal L97563 

What Do All of These Things Mean?  Kirby/Rich  L97443

Where'er You Walk  Cram  C978113



These pieces are written in closed scoring SSCB or SATB.

The cambiata and adolescent baritone are both written in the bass clef..

Both cambiatas and changed voice tenors may sing the upper part of the bass clef.


Behold the Lamb of God   Handel/Beal  M17427

Can There Be No Greater Song?  Collins/Kirby  TT90101

Come Unto Me   Beryl Vick  C97559

Hosanna  Gregor/Lyle  M979135

Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee  Beethoven/Ehret  NEA 145

Little Chilun Spiritual/Beal S17315

Long Years Ago Over Bethlehem's Hills Vick C97684

Mark Well, My Heart  Luther/Vick C117209

One Small Boy Middlemas C485188

Passing By  Middlemas  A180142

Sail On, O Ship of State Roff P978112

Sea Fever Van Camp C979127

She Walks In Beauty    Brahms/Hokanson  M117447

Sing to the Lord of Love  Joseph Roff  L117568 

Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs  Handel/Beal  M97201

Taken from Your Table, Lord   Don L. Collins  NMA-218

True Gift of Christmas, The  Gilbreath/Brown  L97683

Wade in the Water  Spiritual/Lyle S117570

What Do All of These Things Mean?  Kirby TT90102



Four parts are written, but the arrangements may be sung with the melody plus any other one, two, or three parts


How Lovely Is the Rose Medley/Crocker U485189

Three Sacred Christmas Songs Carols/Collins MP983171

Christmas Secular Songs arr/Collins Collection of 11 arrangements

These arrangements may be sung as solos or by mixing any other two, three, or four parts.
Click the title of the piece to view and hear it online in all combination of voices.

America, the Beautiful - Samuel A. Ward

Aren't You Glad That It's Christmas  Hoover/Collins  MM10714cs

Christmas Is a Time for Joy - Theron Kirk

Deck the Halls - Old Welsh Air

Deep River - Spiritual 

 Early One Morning - English Folk Song

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death - Don L. Collins

He's Got the Whole World - Spiritual

Jingle Bells - Traditional

The Keeper - English Folk Song

Praise to the Lord arr. by Irvin Cooper

Silent Night - Franz Gruber

 Teacher, Help Me - Linda Spencer

The True Gift of Christmas  Gilbreath/Collins MM10713sc

Three Sacred Christmas Songs Medley/Collins MP983171

Who Is Sylvia? - Franz Schubert

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